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Customer 38000064297-Love the Cumulus 18..Your name should not appear on the 17.. Have been pleased with this model for over 12 pair until the 17. Thank you for your prompt action to my complaint .Thank you notes would be a bore for 100 words. I described my problem to both customer service and warranty department I hate to type . Must better talker. Actions speak louder than words. rambling on important issues get the 100 words.. If everyone... Read more

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First of all I would like to say that i am a big fan of Asics tennis shoes I am on my third pair. I am on my feet all day and they really give me the support I need. Recently I purchased a pair of the Asic duramax from a shoe store in Winston Salem the exact date was 8/24/16. These shoes are already wearing holes in the top of them. I am very disappointed in these shoes. I did not keep my receipt or the box to these or I would have taken them... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 07
  • #914585

Treads fall right off after about 10 miles... On my second pair that have dine this. Asucks wont replace them... Thanks hit me up asics

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Bad Asics Shoes
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The shoe in question is the asics T50BQ red white and black gel-lithium that was purchased by my daughter for fathers day of this year 2016 the left shoe squeaks and has got worse I have called customer service and this is the response I received. They are telling me to send the shoes in and they will inspect them not sure what I am supposed to do about shoe I guess I go back to caveman way NO SHOES they do not care about there customers I would... Read more

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I bought the Nimbus Gel shoes....within 6 months the toe had worn out of one shoe and was starting on the other shoe. I only walk the Treadmill in them, so they got very little outdoor wear. I read reviews here and contacted Asics, got a RA from them for the shoes to be reviewed. But I also called the store i bought them from. Which happened to be a Asics store. I took them into them. I was locked and loaded for bear. All I had to do was smile.... Read more

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I purchased $40 worth of Asics Climacool socks and am very disappointed with them. They fall down my heel, leaving my heel rubbing on my shoe. I cannot wear them for gym class (the reason for which I purchased them). I thought I could gut-it-out and deal with the socks falling down, but it is so irritating having to pull the socks up throughout the day. The store that I purchased them from is going out of business, so I cannot return them... Read more

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6 month old "trail rated" shoes and the traction pads on the soles of both shoes are peeling off. tried to glue them back on with "serious industrial adhesives, but no luck. feels like walking in a hole with every step...and the remaining pads catch on the pedals of my car while driving, creating a distraction i do not need while driving. the stitching is also unraveling, creating separation between the soles, the body, and the mesh. besides... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 30
  • #891402

Bought a pair of ladies asics gel indicate 2, for walking, paid full price and bought 1000 mile socks ,,have the runners a month and already ripped at the toe, ,brought back to Eleverys to be told there is nothing they can do as this happens and it's not a manufacturer fault ... I am very very annoyed pissed about this, ,

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My son purchased a pair of GT-2000 4 for $120.00 on March 18, 2016. They began to fall apart shortly there after, the soles were tearing and the actual shoe material had holes in them. By June we had decided to contact the company for a replacement pair only to be told that they saw uneven wear and tear? What does that mean? A good running shoe should last 8 month's these wore out in 3 and he is not even a runner, he wore them to school! I am... Read more

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I have purchased several ASICS Gel Kayano running shoes. Although I love the feel of the shoes, I ALWAYS end up with the same problem: The fabric inside of the heel tears and causes blisters. Bought GT2000 last time and ended up with the same problem. Asked sales person at running store and he indicated that others have same problem. These shoes cost $ 100 +, so we are not talking about cheap shoes here. Hey ASICS, you KNOW this is happening!... Read more

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