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After 15 months, my Asics running shoes fell apart.I'm a very casual runner and I don't ever run more than 3miles.

My hand goes through the top, like a puppet sock! The outer stitching is unthreading on both shoes. I have Nikes that lasted 12+ years and are 100% intact. After I emailed Asics and was advised to mail them in, they waited a month to throw them back in my face and said "Too Bad".

Why does Asics advertise "high quality products" on their website??

These shoes are HIGH QUALITY JUNK, and after being loyal since 1988 I am saying TOO BAD to you Asics, LOST CUSTOMER for LIFE.Thank you SCOTT OLSON in Customer Relations for helping me make a wise decision!!!!

Monetary Loss: $90.


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Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1204499

As people have previously stated, running shoes only last 6-8 months, whether you are walking or exercising.Miles are miles, it does not matter what speed you are going.

Running shoes are not built to last years, they actually should never experience a birthday as we say. That being said Asics has a shallower toe box than other brands and people often break through the top bc their foot hits the top.

If you are wearing through the mesh, try another brand.It's not the brand that's bad, it's the combination of your foot and that shoe.

Haikou, Hainan, China #1164747

bought a pair of gel-cumulus 15 online.

arrived yesterday, went out for a quick

run..........1.5 miles, about ten minutes.

3 of the black sole pieces on one shoe

fell off. crazy.

these were to replace my last pair of asics that lasted 2-1/2 years before bits of sole began to fall off. well, back to new balance!


Asics gt2000 3 .

Sizing is a problem, no support as in

Previous Gt 2000.

Got blisters after 2 times.

I'm not even running anymore, just 3 mile fast walk.

Low quality...have to look for another model..probably done with asics... $120 ...scam...


I bought a pair of Asics for $155 for running.After 1 month, 3 runs the rubber on the bottom is leterally falling off!

3 peice fell of in my last run.This is not quality!

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #1060637

I ran the Soweto marathon last week.I had bought a new nimbus 17 10 days before the race and I used it for 9 days to familiarize it with my feet.

During the race I enjoyed the shoe and I found it quite amazing but as I ran faster, I felt uncomfortable heat on the ball of my feet, especialy right one.Is there anything wrong with the shoe?


I bought two pair of Asics.Despite the fact that both were highly rated by customers as well as by the 'experts' they were defective, i.e.

had manufacturing defects.One pair developed a ridge immediately under the ball of my left foot that caused an injury that took a month to heal.

Vibhavari Society, Gujarat, India #1040813

My name is Tatum Gaja My son is playing from Gujarat Cricket Association u/23 he purchased shoes asics model asics gel 200 not out from mantra in March 2015 he started using it from June but just one month of use sole of the shoes tored being such a reputed company it is not good plz advise what to do

to TARUN GAJA #1040983

Asics are horrific, they are cheaply made and not cheap. Contact customer service asap for replacement, they will charge you for shipping , greedy greedy


Bought Asics GT-3000 at Nordstrom Rack.After 3 months of use mostly in gym and mostly for lifting weights (a couple of running sessions), black sole pieces started peeling off.

I lost a couple so I can't even glue back other pieces that I managed to find in the gym. Shoes were manufactured 2.5 yrs ago meaning Asics won't honor the warranty.

Why warranty is not from the date of purchase instead of manufacture?

How can I know shoes are already outside warranty?

So disappointing...


15 months??? How long would you expect shoes to last?

If you have shoes that lasted 12+ years, you have shoes that have sat in a box for 12 years.

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